12 String Instrumental Power


12 String Instrumental Power. 30 tracks including Earth Birth and the Gryphon Suite for High 12 string plus lots of other tracks. Click on photo to listen and download.

12 String Blues Power - Paul Brett


Blues Power - Paul Brett 12 string guitar album of Classic Blues. Click on photo to listen and download.

Emergence - Paul Brett Sage


Emergence - Paul Brett Sage (Click cover to buy)

After 40 years, the legendary psyche folk/rock band returns with a new album of original songs available here on both Limited edition Vinyl and CD.

Video Clips from Emergence

The Secret Life of Angels


The Secret Life of Angels

4 years in the making, this brilliant and hauntingly beautiful new works by Tubular Bells producer Tom Newman is a must for all fans. The CD is ONLY available to buy from 18th April 2014 from this site or download from here and 750 online sites worldwide.

"A dreamy off beat landscape, rich with imagery and emotion. A journey constantly changing and yet strangely familiar.... Tom manages to combine the exotic with the ordinary to make extraordinary music. If Salvador Dali and Turner had a child it would sound like this. It manages to be both desolate and then an Oasis of sound. Tom paints pictures and I like them." Sarah Hubball.

Uriel's Secret - Tom Newman

The Secret Life of Angels - REVIEW

The Children of Ireland


A brilliant new CD of Mike Oldfield's Tubular Bells produced by Tom newman, the original producer and featuring schoolchildren from Irish schools and including disabled and autistic kids. You won't believe how good this is and Tom has woven a distinctly Irish flavour into Mike's iconic work.

Tubular Bells

The Full length CD of Tubular Bells by The Children of Ireland is ONLY available HERE .... NOW AVAILABLE for shipping...... Download of the album is available via many digital outlets including Amazon and iTunes. Click on the links above to access our downloads.

Viral Discs and Downloads is a new label formed by producer Tom Newman (Tubular Bells) who produced many multi million selling albums for Mike Oldfield and Virgin Records and Paul Brett - Musician, 12 string guitarist, Journalist, Guitar Designer and Artiste Manager. It is our intention to release through VIRAL, music that we like. It's as simple as that. No hype - No bullshit - Just music right across the wide spectrum of its appeal and sometimes far beyond.

Sir Richard Branson says :
"Without Mike Oldfield’s ‘Tubular Bells,’ it is quite conceivable that the Virgin Group may never have got off the ground. Without Tom Newman, ‘Tubular Bells’ may never have been recorded. Tom has produced a version with schoolchildren from across Ireland. It’s got its own magic and is well worth downloading. Tom's idea is to give young musicians the opportunity to re-create classic albums and record them in situ, with many sections actually being recorded in the classroom. Tom and guitarist Paul Brett have set up a new label, Viral Discs&Downloads, and intend to undertake similar projects in the future to bring together children and communities through the power of music."